Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can the Raspberry Pi come with more than 512MB?

    No. The RAM is a Package on Package (POP) on top of the SoC, so it is not removable or swappable, and 512 MB is the maximum RAM the Raspberry Pi can support since there are no manufacturers making larger-capacity compatible devices.

  • About Teamviewer

    Your problem is that you have a problem with your computer and when you open the support section if you want techno techno grocery a grocery team , and they will help you go to your computer using Remote Desktop assistance.

    Rules :

    1. Registration assistance will not be provided before the opening of the support section grocery techno never. 2. In the following link and download the program and install it on your computer the TeamViewer ID and password in the popup window you are required to give to that person.

    TeamViewer : Download




  • How do I use the camera?

    There are three command line applications provided for stills, video, and stills output uncompressed. These applications provide the typical features you might find on a compact cameras, e.g. Set image size, compression quality, exposure mode, ISO. See the documentation located on the Technical Documents Page for more details.

  • What displays can I use?

    There is composite and HDMI out on the board, so you can hook it up to an old analogue TV through the composite or through a composite to scart connector, to a digital TV or to a DVI monitor (using a cheap, passive HDMI->DVI cable for the DVI). There is no VGA support, but active adapters are available. Passive HDMI->VGA cables will not work with the Raspberry Pi. When purchasing an active VGA adapter, make sure it comes with an external power supply. HDMI->VGA adapters without an external power supply often fail to work.