About Us

Predominantly in the Anatolian side of Istanbul, the best price and technology aimed at providing the best services, we help simplify people's lives. Computers for home and small businesses, Storage, we offer Internet and Network solutions. Diagnosis problem finding / solving and computers, are serving on an issue related to networks and web applications.

And yet the system / hardware failure and accidental deletion of your lost data, we are working on recovery issues.

Our plans in professional Computer Support Area

As Chief Technology Officer of a major bank's call center in Istanbul for a while I gave over 18 years of service. Duty to continue while the individual users with computer problems, and web design work on the subject was to help as well. I gave my life over 1000 professionals working until now I have been giving technical assistance to individual users are still on. As well as individual users to work while serving as the most important issue when problem occurred. I gave increases in customer service and delays began to be enough time left of my current job. The majority of which I have to keep my portfolio consisting of individual users, more efficient, more customer-oriented and able to work more in order to allocate time I tried to leave my job, I founded this company.

My small computer shop "Techno BAKKAL" under the name Computer Support career began in 2014.

My Personal Interests

At present, I spend time helping people to prepare or websites that computer problems, but when I decided to build a company that comes along when I have problems.

About Customer Service Industry

First, I was still on the customer as well as each individual user and customer. I have observed many years of service I received while meeting my needs. Of course this was not the only technology sector. And my experience is the most important factor in increasing customer focus that everyone skip or forget the time I decided to address this issue.

It was unnerving for me not being able to get the right services. I also wanted to give a different service to eliminate this problem. We're trying to provide long-term satisfaction for most individual users. In this work, we do not see as a short-term solution and earnings. The customer is satisfied with the service we want to be satisfied seeing results.