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About TechnoBAKKAL...

Our company is in the IT sector, network services, brand-independent hardware and software support, project management, consultancy, web solutions, technical support and maintenance services. Conditions of the era of technology, increasing competition, firms closely follow developments in information technologies and information and communication technologies are forced to use more efficient. We are in the process of transition to a focus on product, service and customer-orientation, in order to meet these needs, productivity in the business world, managers and IT professionals, offer new perspectives-saving solutions.


Our Vision is; Technology into value-added services, we give direction to the change in the field of information technology, the company is leading the industry to be a solution.

Our Mission is; To improve the productivity of our customers, followed closely by the new technologies, institutional knowledge and experience to provide the most appropriate technology solutions with a single point of competitive advantage, reliable, innovative, and in cooperation with a permanent offer.


- Difference in service and value to create a
- To provide answers to all questions. When we don't know we find the answer, or someone who can provide one.

- To care about the needs of others as they were our own.

- To provide a service that has the highest quality and efficiency imaginable.

- Customer oriented and results focused