Pick-Up / Drop-Off Methods & Payments

Take advantage of the computer, such as on-site service department by bringing our service will provide the service. Department that you have applied for your computer are listed below.

* If your problem is detected, or for the period you requested.

* If your problem has been determined, you will be informed and what to do about the problem of how to completely eliminate belirlenilir.

* Consent form is filled and computer technical service department is based.

General interior cleaning of your PC is done.

* The specified problem is resolved.

* If necessary, re-install your operating system. (Along with security updates)

* Customers frequently used programs on the basis of the necessary programs installed, your computer is ready to use and we will contact you.

Issues must be considered:

* Defective products located on the responsibilities with respect to software licenses belongs entirely to our customers.

* Technical service products from 15 (fifteen) days of receipt is required. No rights can be derived products are not delivered on time.

* Backing up data is requested by us to notify Computer Support Center is not responsible for any damages arising from.

* Take delivery of your product by having the trial, be sure to check materials. Computer Support Center is not responsible for problems that may arise later.

* For the subject you can think of all kinds of plugs 0544 414 71 97 call us or use the contact form contact us.