Our Services

  • Computer Repair

    Let TechnoBAKKAL handle your computer repair needs and service needs!

    Computer, laptop, netbook, ipad, are experiencing problems with your iPod, you would like to give you professional support.

    This service charges may apply and vary depending on the type and problem diagnosis.
    There will be absolutely no action after money without your consent.

    • In case of recurrence of the same problem within a week after repair will be served free of charge.
    • Laptop, iPad, iPod repair fault detection and prices will be valid for the period of time will be authorized firmalarımızdan.
    • Plans per computer, and more than one service form must be filled out on your computer. Please fill out a new form for each product is defective.
  • Computer Support

    Let TechnoBAKKAL handle your computer support needs

    We help you over the phone or advice / provide information.

    • For those looking for the first time, the first 15 minutes are free.!
    • At the end of 15 minutes, every half an hour, an hour will be priced at $20..

    Want your computer to the problems can not be solved over the phone after 1 hour you can also get support by bringing us.

  • Data Services
    • Data Back-up

      Data Backup Services

      TechnoBAKKAL want to transfer data from one device to another as you'd like to help.
      To receive data from an external hard drive after the first make a copy of your new device.
      If you want to store your data in a reliable backup and cost-effective solutions.

      Stored data, damage for any reason, the work process of the institutions can lead to serious damage. Situation may arise after a disaster, the inability to restore the stored data, enough to cause the institution to stop commercial activities may engender serious consequences.

      For organizations of vital importance with each passing day and with the increasing importance of the data, there is greater risk yedeklenmemesi. For this reason, institutions, work processes, depending on the installed backup systems and backup procedures should be followed on a daily basis.

    • Data Recovery

      Data Recovery Services

      TechnoBAKKAL knows your files and data are worth more to you than your computer. Call us so we can prevent a catastrophic loss of priceless files like pictures or home movies and music files.

      Your system has crashed, or if you have deleted a file by mistake, you still have a chance to recover your data. Use the latest tools and technology, and made a few years experience in data recovery. Kurtarımını provide data in the following cases:

      • Accidental deletions
      • Hard Drive Failures
      • Power Supply Errors
      • Partition Damage
      • Error writing to the partition
      • Deleted partition
    • Deleted File Recovery

      Deleted File Recovery Services

      Relieve the deleted data. Computers as a result of the failure of hard disks is always the risk of losing all your data.
      Many users have been deleted from the data a lot of time grieving. Our company is deleted from the hard disk data recovery service brings all your data back to you.
      Our company is a professional expert team consists of people with many years of experience.
      Hard disk data recovery data delivered safely etmekteyiz making process in the lab.
      Our company is the brand and model separating Laptop, desktop, tablet devices, such as hard drive data recovery is all.
      Hard disk data recovery is offered to customers as a result of our rapid and thorough.
      Hard disk data recovery process performed in special environments with modern devices you relieve this nightmare.
      Your data is deleted, do not worry, your data again with this service by calling our company can reach.
      Data loss is a nightmare separately for companies and Publics. Because all information is stored in computers that cause data loss arızalanarak lead to huge losses.
      Hard disk data recovery service to all our customers in the privacy of our highly rely on our company in this regard.
      Hard disk data recovery service privacy şarlarına each company or service does not obeying.
      The data is valuable for you to be permitted to pass through the hands of others should get a reliable and high quality service from a company.

      TechnoBAKKAL is focused on providing solutions that help small businesses and home users protect their data without investing a lot of time and energy.

    • Data Transfer Services

      Data Transfer Services

      Did you get a new computer and need some help transferring the files off your old computer to your new computer? TechnoBAKKAL can help.

      When you want to transfer data from one device to another as TeknoBAKKAL'd like to help.

      To receive data from an external hard drive after the first make a copy of your new device.

      If you want to store your data in a reliable backup and cost-effective solutions.

      Used the wrong people for the data security of your data is important.

      On average, such as the recycling of all computer hard drives up to a rate of sixty percent of the personal information that can be reached.

      So when you receive a new hard disk must destroy the old one completely.

      But this process will be cost-effective to encrypt your hard disk, the data in different hands

      Hard disk encryption, data access will be prevented in the case of a possible theft.

  • Computer Security
    • Let TechnoBAKKAL keep potential threats at bay

      Let TechnoBAKKAL keep potential threats at bay

      Something that your computer is infected with a virus or virus-like. Our company can diagnose the problem as soon as possible and in the shortest time and with the least cost cleans viruses and other things.

      This process is the first part of the service. The second part of Protecting Your Computer Package.

      If you choose this package after the cleaning process is not re-transmitted viruses, and the same problems happen again.

      TechnoBAKKAL provides software and hardware solutions to remove and combat continuous attempts by unknown internet predators.

    • A firewall is your own personal security guard

      A firewall is your own personal security guard !

      We've seen it all and done it all when it comes to computer repair and service. Schedule a service call and we'll come to your home, perform a quick and thorough diagnosis of your computer system and issues, then get things working again.

      Why wait another day when you can have TechnoBAKKAL come to you and get your computer running fast again?

    • Viruses


      Is your computer showing strange behavior within the operating system? Does it have extremely slow performance? Are there non-responsive applications? These are likely symptoms of computer viruses. Viruses are a very common problem with computers. Unfortunately it is all too easy to get a virus by simply visiting a website.

      TechnoBAKKAL can remove viruses from your computer and install anti-virus software to avoid viruses in the future.

    • Malware


      Malware (or malicious software) is a common problem infecting many computers. Malware - or malicious software. Some examples of common malware are worms and Trojan horses. Malware often infects your computer through email attachments, downloads and using file sharing programs. The severity level of malware can range anywhere from infecting one file to destroying your entire hard disk.

      It is often hard to get rid of malware. TechnoBAKKAL has the tools to get rid of malware on your computer by running a operating system restore, or wiping and reinstalling your entire operating system. TechnoBAKKAL also utilizes software diagnostics and repair for less potent malware.

    • Spyware


      Spyware is probably the most common computer problem. You can pickup spyware on your computer from just about anything, even from just browsing the internet. Tracking cookies can often be considered spyware, especially when they reside in the computer registry. The most common symptom of spyware is a significant slowdown of your computer's performance. Also, you may notice new programs that you didn't install on your computer, or your internet browser acting differently.

      TechnoBAKKAL can remove spyware on your computer and set up a security firewall and spyware blocking software to keep spyware off of your computer for good.

    • Anti-Virus Solutions

      Anti-Virus Solutions

      Our certified technicians can provide service direct to your home on the same day you call, including weekends and evenings.

      • Simple set-up
      • Automatic updates
      • Auto-scheduled scanning
      • Automatic updating
      • Automatic virus quarantine and virus removal

      Contracted companies to fit your budget, we recommend using the annual Anti-Virus programs.

      Please note that the ONLY virus infection from your computer as secure and afterwards, it will cause the loss of time and money.

      TechnoBAKKAL experts help you with support and updates

  • Web Services

    Effective custom business website solutions

    Internet sites, companies are more helpful means of communication.

    TechnoBAKKAL introduction of products and by providing e-commerce solutions, develop custom web sites.

    Our team of expert design and development of innovative technologies and world-class service.

    Successful web site design, intelligent applications lies in the ability to combine rich content and innovative design.

    Users can interact with the set up and to create a dynamic website that reflects the image of your organization, preparing sites using web technologies that will serve you for many years.

    TechnoBAKKAL of internet technology and specific business goals, a fully integrated works closely with customers to develop a web presence.

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    TechnoBAKKAL works closely with customers to develop a fully integrated web presence that bridges the gap between internet technology and specific business goals.