Special Services

  • One Day Support

    According to our measurements, TechnoBAKKAL repair, 95% of carried out less than 24 hours.

    List price within 24 hours at no additional cost while adhering to solve your problem.

    If you are trading in excess of this amount of time in the normal way by ücretlendirip back to you in accordance with your consent provide solutions.

    Our goal as TechnoBAKKAL, fast, excellent and comprehensive computer repair service.

    1 day Emergency completion statuses in order of priority problems will be solved.


    TechnoBAKKAL is dedicated to providing you with fast, excellent and thorough computer repair service. There are no 'rush' charges here - every job is a priority and completed in less than one day nearly every time.


  • 7/24 PC Support

    Day or night, TechnoBAKKAL is here to help.

    Planlamaz arızalanacağı computer or collapse time. This may be during the day in the middle of the night. Computer problems happen all the time.

    For example, if your computer crashed during the evening hours when finishing your project.

    As soon as you come or solve your problem, or remote access.

    Worst of all, data, freeing you to continue your project would provide a temporary computer.

    Weekdays or weekends, day or night, TechnoBAKKAL always at your disposal. Close up of an e-mail or phone ...

    We help you over the phone or EXPANSION / provide information.

    • For those looking for the first time, the first 15 minutes are free.!
    • At the end of 15 minutes, every half an hour, an hour will be priced at $ 20 ..

    Want your computer to the problems can not be solved over the phone after 1 hour you can also get support by bringing us.

    TechnoBAKKAL is here to help any time of the day or night, on weekdays or weekends.

  • PC Interior Cleaning

    TechnoBAKKAL technicians, interior cleaning of your computer provides fast and at low cost.

    Holes open your computer, the components are kept cool and prevents the machine remains of its fans.

    Computer operates at high temperatures. Can lead to worse consequences in the future.

    Track changes and even go up to replace the entire computer.

    TechnoBAKKAL team, annual maintenance agreements to minimize this problem, your periods will determine the use of treatments will make your computer clean and running at peak performance.

    TechnoBAKKAL team can clean your computer and maximize its performance .

  • Remote Access

    TechnoBAKKAL can help you with remote access services.

    Remote Access Services allows you to connect to your computer from a remote location such as your home.

    Cost depends on many factors such as the type of service you choose.

    Connection speeds, reliability, availability, and so on.

    you want to use your work computer to your home or the home of your business TeknoBAKKAL will give you the training and support to the most practical and cost-effectively.

    TechnoBAKKAL technology is here to make your life easier and help you.

    TechnoBAKKAL is here to help you to make your life easy with technology.

  • Maintenance Agreements

    Maintenance Agreements Annual / Monthly Maintenance Agreements

    Annual Maintenance Agreement is based on a system that handles our customers. Assume all of your computer problems for a year, our firm familiar with this system your computer by each of the different people doing repairs on the same computer and related olarakda completely reduce the risk of experiencing distress. Of course, as the cost of annual maintenance contract work other than maintenance and fault elimination is more advantageous.

    Make a difference for your business offers a contracted technical and service support. For your business is a technical service more than just providing computer system most out of your take and your data your losses to a minimum allows you to download, consulting services and information and technology using the right business's development contributes to, costs are reduced. The fastest form of technical support and service allows you to receive remote desktop access with many problems over the Internet within minutes soluble, unlimited phone support, unlimited onsite service facilities, the failed product for your counterpart consignment provision of equipment, system extends the life of periodic maintenance and 24/7 with the option to support the power of IT to your business provides.

    For more information about the Annual Maintenance Agreement customers can receive information from our representative.

  • E-Mailing - Bulk e-Mail Delivery

    E-Mailing - Bulk e-Mail Delivery

    E-Mailing or other name of this system , known as bulk e-mail campaigns , special occasions, or product-service fliers with just one click without moving from your present position allows you to reach your customers . Moreover, this system costs by getting rid of paper and time by choosing the desired language now very easy to reach potential customers in your area .

    E-mailing system to your company speed, time and financial earnings as well as providing benefits to reach more customers , to do wrong in the use of dangerous consequences you may face with . The most important of these dangers unconsciously send these e-mails you by some sites to blacklist (blacklist) will take .

    We are sending bulk email, TechnoBAKKAL by serving as a professional you will make in sending bulk e -mail you the correct and safe way to reach your goal 're here for.

    In addition, we will prepare an e- newsletter sent by e-mail of the system reaches many people , how many people read and how many did you learn that you can return . Campaign for promotion and Mail Celebration of the feast- Mail Advanced Graphics Safe and Fast Mailing

  • Logo Design

    Our Success is based on our personalized customer service while building strong working relationships. We listen carefully to our customer's requirements, and then respond enthusiastically and decisively to meet those needs.
    We are providing our services to our clients.

    Our Services are:

    Multimedia Productions
    Graphic Designs
    Logo Design and Animations
    After Effects Animation
    Adobe Photoshop
    Adobe Illustrator

    OUR MISSION to help clients achieve their most ambitious marketing goals through our dynamic advertising strategies, interactive multimedia, comprehensive web.

  • Cabling and Networking

    TechnoBAKKAL is a full-service Communication Infrastructure Provider with the resources to design, implement and maintain structured cabling systems and equipment from facilities analysis and engineering to installation and maintenance. 

    Our experts offer a full range of needs and risk assessment services that will improve your communications and keep you on top of the latest developments in industry advancements.

  • Phone Rental

    Phone Rental Services

    Coming Soon...