Our Training

  • PC Training

    PC Training..

    General users Computer Education Computer software, hardware, giving brief information about the presentation is made. E-mail addresses, facebook, twitter account opening, sending e-mail with the issues of daily life, frequently used programs, presentations, 2-3 hours of usage you will be informed on.

  • Microsoft Office Training

    Microsoft Office Training

    Microsoft Office products Word, Excel and Power Point programs with a simple, detailed training will be given. Facilitate usage in daily life tasks can easily see that even with 2-3 hours of training.

  • Web Training

    Web Training

    To design your own site, web operations, training is given on the use of web design programs. In addition, certified team can study for high school and university web classes.

  • New PC User Traininig

    New PC User Traininig

    You have received a new computer, did you or do you want to install. And I want to briefly get to know your new computer. That's as simple as you TeknoBAKKAL provide training in this regard.